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Lucky Labyrinth and Twin Twist

Lucky Labyrinth & Twin Twist  

Elegant, intriguing, oriental, and easy -- these words all describe this wonderful pattern from Peg.  Lucky Labyrinth© is inspired by the ancient everlasting knot of oriental tradition.  This tradition regarding the everlasting knots indicates that the intertwining of lines symbolizes how all phenomena are interrelated.  The knot motif represents great simplicity and fully balanced harmony.  One of the favorite motifs in the orient, the everlasting knot is often placed on gifts and greeting cards as a symbol of the auspicious or lucky connection between the giver and the recipient.

In this pattern book, the oriental everlasting knot is re-interpreted into a quilt top that will captivate and delight its “lucky” recipient. 

A simpler but no less elegant composition, Twin Twist© is also derived from the everlasting knot.  Designed to beautifully frame a Lucky Labyrinth© design, Twin Twist© not only provides a fitting and excellent border, Twin Twist© becomes a new and exciting pattern option! 

This pattern booklet contains 20 quilt top layouts.


Lucky Labyrinth and Twin Twist examples

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